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Humanity will definitely evolve from carbon-based life to energy body life EHuman

Release date:2023-04-14
Humanity will definitely evolve from carbon-based life to energy body life EHuman
Billions of years ago, a group of small cells were discussing at the bottom of the sea, hearing that we would all be eliminated in the future, and that a big monster with long hair, developed limbs and a tail would appear, and that we would all be enslaved and wiped out.
A million years ago, a group of monkeys in a tree discussion, heard that now there is a homo sapiens, after we will be eliminated, by a no tail no hair called human animals to destroy, we monkey civilization will be replaced by this human civilization, think too terrible, we monkey how to do?
Today, a group of humans are discussing, artificial intelligence AI since, humans will be replaced by robots, think about it is terrible, humans if ruled by robots, how to do?
Pro, do not worry about the future, the Creator has long set the program, the Earth's creatures will certainly evolve from generation to generation, species reincarnation. Human evolution is the inevitable trend of development, and one day, humans will have to leave the cradle of the Earth and go to the universe.
Therefore, if human civilization does not want to die out, it must first create AI robots, and then upload the human brain consciousness and genes to the robot brain, and then control the robot. Each robot has your own unique genes, human beings evolved into silicon-based life (AI human or AI man). Silicon based life further evolves into an energy body, storing your consciousness and your ancestral genes in the energy body, and controlling the energy body through human consciousness, human evolves into energy body life (Energy Human or Energy man. Ehuman or Eman for short). Then, no matter how the universe changes, the human consciousness will always exist in the energy and control the energy, roaming in Taicang, and the children and grandchildren will prosper. Only in this way can human beings live forever and civilization live forever. [smile] [smile]
So AI is not scary, we have to welcome the AI era of artificial intelligence with open arms.
Ten million years later, a group of energy body beings (EHuman)
discuss in the universe, who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going to?
This is my original theory.

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